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Since 1972 we aim for one goal: to manufacture custom-made furniture that excites our clients. Rooms with elegance and function that meet the high requirements of any medical workspace. From the single washstand to your whole object: we create facilities in real Engel quality. Today our team of carpenters, masters and designers is working with passion, to find the suitable solution for your idea. Our state-of-the-art production conditions enable astonishing precission, elegant shapes and most perfect surfaces. We are proud to help your idea into shape!

In the beginning there is your idea. From the single furniture solution to interior design. Your needs are our focus. We take our time, to learn about your wishes and preferences. With expertise and experience we compile the way to bring your idea into perfection.

Quality is our main Priority. From the first drawing to the final assembly on-site. First-class material and the love to craftmanship will let you feel what we mean with Engel-Quality.

Be inspired. We are certain that we are able to realize your requests and expectations to an optimum.


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Neuer Wohnbereich bezugsfertig!

Klar und klassisch: Wohn- und Lebensraumes mit Durchgang zum Essbereich.

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Unsere Ausstellung nimmt Formen an!

Die ersten Möbel sind bereits am Platz. Stück für Stück erweitern wir unsere Ausstellung.

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Engel in neuem Gewand:

Wir freuen uns mit Ihnen
über unseren neuen Internetauftritt!

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Immer auf Höhe der Zeit

Erweiterung unserer Werkstätten:
Engel in Erisried schreitet in die Zukunft!

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